Mechatronica Co in Bulgaria and Polytype AG in Switzerland (a company of the Wifag//Polytype group) have entered into a close partnership to mutually develop and market packaging machinery for the oral care, cosmetic and beverage market. For this purpose Polytype has acquired 49% of Mechatronica shares.

Rosimir Mateev Eng, CEO of STS Solar,
Energy Review Magazine.

What do you think are the main issues facing the solar industry at the moment?
The main problem at the moment to the solar industry is unpredictability. From one of the most predictable investment for many years now Investing in solar is pure adventure, if the purpose of the act was payback. Administrative procedures that must be passed to reach the construction of power plants are a problem. A small solar system collects a set of documents going through the same coordination and permits, as well as a new heating or even a plant. There are no rules for the interpretation of various laws and regulations, leading to the complete unpredictability of a possible success. Meet understanding at every level, in every administration. Rules change in motion, different procedures are conducted in a completely different way in the same regional branches of state administration. There are several closed circuit in several areas, all of which is not legally defined and self-initiative either locally or deliberate state policy, lowered by region. Creating poor at certain institutions that perpetuate the development of projects and also with the general corruption.

Our first contact with Cisco was made with the purchase of equipment which helped us solve the network and communication problems in the company’s offices. Subsequently, we once again obtained equipment from Cisco, with whose help we connected all of our offices through company channels, and thus in practice we were working in one network. The next stage was the purchase of a rooters which connect the company to the Internet and provide security, as well as IP telephones, which gave us cheaper, better quality calls inside the company and especially between the remote offices.

The introduction of modules: “Warehouse”, “Supplying” and “Planning” comes to an end. In perspective the ERP system will include the activities connected with sale and production.

Miroslav Dimitrov, Project manager for introducing ERP in STS Cosmetics